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In life, whether at work, at school or at home, we have a desire and a tendency to want to be noticed, and to be acknowledged as the best. We show everyone our ‘good’ side and try to be on best behaviour in whatever situations.

Yet, we know that deep inside it is a difficult and arduous process and because it is that tough to establish such an identity, we try to protect ourselves against failure. It’s not about being self-centred, but more so about not letting failures creep in.

By aiming high to the best, we end up not accepting our failures and avoiding admonishments instead of facing the music. We treat people who scold us as rude and proud, instead of reflecting on what truly went wrong and changing ourselves for the truly better.

It took me a long while at work to accept my failures and look back and discover what was really wrong. I started off being very emotional and playing...

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