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He Will Carry You Through Your Darkest Moments

Holy Communion + Offering – Ps Joe Purcell

Isaiah 59
– Sin and inequity divided us and our Heavenly Father and we can’t cross that gap but Jesus bridged that gap by paying the price for us.
– He was forsaken so that we may be loved. His favour and blessings are upon us today because of Jesus.
– We can never out give our God. He will always multiply back a mighty harvest to us.

Sermon – Ps Lawrence Lim

– He is our strength. When the challenge is there, the provision will be there for us too. Don’t worry for tomorrow for God is with us always.
– Jesus is a friend of sinners. Jesus calls us His friends and He loves us so much He is willing to give up His life for us.
– God will never ever turn His back on us. He loves us so passionately.
– Life doesn’t always turn the way we want to, but it may turn the way we never wanted it to, and we have to face the trials and tribulations.

1 Samuel...

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